The whole list i watched for the past 2+ weeks

well… i wacked hard these two plus weeks… so time for some impressions~ imma make it short…


Pretty much more comedy and romance, Yamato isnt that pure after all… She wants cuddles but Takeo wont touch her until she “grows up”. Then that Judo championship tho, kinda shows that Takeo is actually Superman… And he can regain his skill without much time needed. Damn…


Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu

The show kinda slow down now, making it very hard to write at this point of time… but mostly is just member interactions, normal interactions, as this “world” of the Haruhi francise does not have any aliens, ESP and time travellers and stuff.


Grisaia no Rakuen

Not gonna lie, its pretty good so far. But wont expect a decent ending, since Kajitsu and Meikyuu got shitted on. Now Yuuji got arrested and the girls are finding ways to save him. I wonder which route they will choose this time… But only 10eps, very short… And that new OP animation sequence tho… looks like they expanded the budget for this one. And Kazuki’s back~~~~~ yay… but still dead. And there is another Yuuji, wtf… Cant wait for more.


Hello! Kinloli Mosaic

Its getting hard to write about this also. Its just your slice of life with a pinch of Yuri and a smash of loli. But ep7 had a Karen solo, OMG SO CUTE DAMN… MY HEART JUST FLUTTERED.

Best ep also, since its mostly about Karen, i love. And the blonde fetish never dies… OMG… so much cuteness.



More music, more practice… nothing much to write.


I will write more stuff this weekend, so wait for me~~

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