SHE FINALLY SMILED #Islayoubesto #Spoila


Good evening guys. This is pretty much a lazy edition as i find the other shows for today are pretty decent and got not much material to write… So decided to write solely on Plastic Memories instead, since its a pretty major ep for me.

Its a few days after the Marcia incident, after he fired that deadly shot that “killed” Marcia. Isla fainted after that and was offline for a few days, due to her aging body, she has less than thousand hours in her lifetime. She went for a maintenance, so Tsukasa can only do desk duty, he cannot go out in the field for a days. After she’s back to work, she complemented Tsukasa’s smile, causing a bit of a shock to Michiru. Then she told Michiru and Eru that she “cant get him off her mind”, Eru’s eye brighten and says its love kinda obvious now…. The 3 of them starts their stalking mission to know Tsukasa better, 1st was Eru peeking at Tsukasa while he is in the office with a binoculars on the roof of the other building, but was nearly killed by Sherry as she threw a pen to the binoculars, scaring both Isla and Eru. 2nd was a restaurant where Eru and Isla become waitresses. 3rd is the storeroom, 4rd was a bar, and their clothing… LOL. 5th was the male’s bathroom. Both of them got screwed by Sherry. But overall, her true intentions was finding a reason why Tsukasa can still smile and laugh after such a painful incident. Michiru revealed that when she and Kazuki was going to see Souta, he was already there, to give an apology to Souta as he didnt did was he promised, returning Marcia back to Souta. Kazuki had a private chat with Tsukasa about Isla’s lifespan, even tho she only has less than a thousand hours, a bit more than a month left, Tsukasa chose to be with Isla until the moment she get retrieved. And when he returned to his dorm, that image on top happened…

Well, not much happened but still, worth it


Will post songs later.

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