Massive amount of spring anime impressions (Spoilers ahead)

I didnt watch any last night as i want to watch it all in one go…

It will be pretty long

Ore Monogatari

This ep is pretty deep. But another hottie came, Makato’s sister, Ai. Voiced by Inoue Kikuko, yay… Looked pretty lady-like, but about 5 secs, damn, i kinda expected this plot twist. She likes Takeo, which is lol, and when she was shocked about Takeo having a girlfriend, she claims that Takeo is a gorilla and no ordinary girl will like him, Makato then replied what about you… HAHA. Then she start playing stalker by using GPS to track down Makoto and Takeo. But thanks to her, we know that Yamato has a secret she has been hiding… The story will start to develop now… The animations have reached a new level tbh, the night sky scene is well done.



Another funny episode, saying about censorship and stuff, DVD and Bluray… sigh… This weeks situation is Takeru had a “Divine Cold Virus”, a virus that can kill a human. Then Takeru kept sneezing Sol/Lull and slowly everyone except Mei-tan (Sheep), Nya-tan, become naked. *Insert light beams here* but then, the Sol/Lull slowly turned berserk then makes them go berserk also. Then they cured the virus, by a simple smack from Nya-tan. And in the process Mei-tan gave her seal to Nya-tan. Cause of virus? Nya-tan herself. She had a cold while eating ramen with Shima-tan and Dora-tan, then she directly sneezed to Takeru, and took his blanket away. What a dumbass… Sigh.


Hello~ KinLoli Mosaic

Another loli ep. 1st half about bring Isami out to play, but she have to wear a disguise, because she’s a popular model. And Karen took controvesial photos of Kuzehashi… HAHA… CUTE. 2nd part about a old Japanese tale, the Straw Millionaire. Using a straw and trade until a mansion. So Alice gave it a try, ended up getting a gold ring from Karen, but she traded it for Shinobu with Isami… LOL. But its all laughs and goosebumps.


Kyoukai no Rinne

Nothing much this ep. But we get to see Rokudou’s scythe, which can purify evil spirits and lead them to the Circle of Reincarnation. But he did it for a 100,000 yen bounty. Money-minded


Hibike~! Euphonium

Another quality ep… Love it. They performed for the Sunrise Festival and caused the audience to have change in impression of Kitauji. The animation quality is just amazing. KyoAni thank you.


Grisaia no Rakuen

Nothing much to write about… But seems like Yuuji’s history is coming to an end soon.



Finally some Haru scenes… And this ep is more of Marika. Quite a retard and made a parrot a retard. LOL. Yeah nothing much happens, same old.


Nagato Yuki-tan

im starting to lose my ability to write about this series… imma decide by next week.


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