Mindblown: Angel Beats! v2 (with a bit of editing)

Just rewatched again because im not confident about my memories and fear that might give a pretty bad review. But now that im done and fresh, imma start.

This has gotta be one of the most memorable anime to watch in the after-2010 era. Maeda Jun started this storm and Na-Ga did the character designs. Both of them are from Key, the guys behind Clannad, Little Busters and the incoming Charlotte. The anime spanned for 13 eps with 2 OVAs. Hell’s Kitchen is coming in June, CANT WAIT. Tbh, before I went deep into the staff part, it felt pretty.. say, wonderful material for a VN, but when i found out it was Key who made this, no wonder it felt like that.

First, imma summarise the plot so it will be easier for me to write.

A guy who died, didnt go to heaven or hell, he went to a place where the dead who didnt rest in peace. You can never die there, you can only lose conciousness then recover again. The guy also lost his memories, so he did not know how he actually died. Then a girl, asked him to join some club, to fight again “Tenshi/Angel”. The whole thing will take forever to explain as its pretty deep, best that you watch the show after this long post.

Storyline is epic, the ride is slow, but it was a very legitly extraordinary experience. It doesnt feel like a 13 ep anime at all, it felt even longer, the 20min+ ep felt like its going on for like an hour or longer, but it doesnt bore you, it keeps opening your eyes to its unique style of comedy. The first half was all action with lots of gags and puns in it, but the action just keeps coming, not forgetting to add some comedy elements in it. 2nd half, the show starts to slow down a little and we get to know Tenshi/Tachibana Kanade better. Then the romance slowly kicks in near the end of the anime. Its always sad to see people who finally can rest in peace disappears.

Omg, this is unexpected.

Especially Yui, as it was a proposal of marriage and then she disappears, such a bubbly character have such deep feelings. Then the ending, they decided to have a “graduation ceremony” as they finished fighting again their last enemy. With only 5 students left, its pretty unofficial but a lot of feels are in it. After the ceremony, the leader, Yuri disappears as she can finally let go of her troubles.

Then finally after somewhat a confession, Kanade/Tenshi, also disappears after she and the MC, Yuzuru, hugged. A lot of feels i swear, i nearly cried.

This popped up after the ED, kinda also aggravate my feels.

Then OVA came as a reliever, the comedy in that ep recover me from the sorrow of the anime as the ones who disappeared came back. Lucky. I think im not going to rewatch this in a very long time, seems to have very heavy aftereffects… The legitly funny part was everytime someone gets hit by a trap, there would be a replay, but they can improve that by putting more frames in the replay as it pretty blurred out, its just putting a frame and make it stay for 0.5 sec before changing the next one.

Art is done by P.A.Works, which also did Glasslip and Shirobako. Aniplex is also involved in the production. Not surprised at the quality that P.A Works reproduced as they did better in Glasslip, but the combat scenes are legitly awesome. Na-ga did a good job with the character design. And kudos to Maeda Jun with the music and plot. So detailed, they even precisely picked real-life weapons and instruments used for each character.

Music is 2GB worth if you want everything, and all of them are well done. Nothing much to say. Both the OP and ED are amazing.

VAs is also another good list. Kamiya Hiroshi, HanaKana, Sakurai Harumi, Kimura Ryohei, Ichiki Mitsuhiro, Sawashiro Miyuki, KitaEri, Asumin Kana, Kato Emiri. Short but all of them are legit. The only thing im curious about is why wont they let Miyuki and Eri sing, instead find singers to do the singing. I understand LiSA needs a debut but they are other ways of doing it. Thats the only flaw i dont really like. Asking singers when the VAs are capable of singing already.

Besto gurl? Kanade. Definitely. Yuri and Yui are honarable mentions… Shiina is my type also…


Story: 9.5/10

Music: 9.5/10

VAs: 8/10

Art: 9.5/10

This show dont need a second season as its pretty much wrapped up nicely already, another season will just ruin it. But OVAs can be done.

Yeah thats pretty much it. I highly recommend this show.

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