Isla Memories and Finish of Seraph (spoilas and heavy gifs)

Good afternoon~ Not gonna post about Gunslinger Stratos and High School DxD, both are equally boring and anti-climatic.

Islasmilepls Memories

This ep show the “true” power of a Wanderer. This ep gave me a bit of feels because it shows the sad and sorrow of being a Wanderer and how the people treat them. Due to Tsukasa’s insensitivity, we get to know a bit Michiru’s history, her “father”, why she hates the R Security, how she met Kazuki, how Kazuki hurt her leg, and why she decided to join the company. My heart kinda broke when Tsukasa decided to shoot Marcia with the software destruction virus. Marcia is such a cheerful and bubbly giftia, so sad she became a Wanderer and starts to hurt her brother… sigh… The irritating thing about this ep is Tsukasa, so insensitive. Asking about every single little thing, even personal matters. He seriously need a brain, or maybe at least some common sense, he is crossing all lines that a person have. But thanks to him we know a bit more about Michiru.



Seraph Finish

This show pretty much saved by her, without her, i would have dropped it 2eps ago.

This ep is pretty much about the LTC approving Yuichiro to get a CurPArt sed Gear, and nothing happens after that. But there are some legit funny scenes that Shinoa did and omg, what a joker.

Part 1

Part 2

The final act… This is after the LTC decided to test the class if they can withstand the power of a Cursed Gear…

Shinoa besto gurl potential went up…


Will post more later.

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