Ore Monogatari: Welp me, the drama. (spoilers ahead)

this will be pretty detailed. Since its just one anime.

Omg this ep is epic. So much cheese added into this one.

Rinko just asked a few girls out for a mixer and requests for some guys from Gouda’s side. And yeah the girls are shock about him, and his strength. Like opening a soda bottle with bare hards without a opener. Then a pair of girls who were returning from the toilet speaks badly about Gouda just around the corner and Rinko heard it. She ran away but Gouda managed to bring her back to the mixer. Suddenly a fire broke out, then Gouda did his dramatic rescue.

then here comes the wtf part

wew, took me an hour to make these. Cant wait for more. Thank you for 24 eps.

9/10 for the cheese and drama

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