Kyoukai no Rinne Ep4, Grisaia no Rakuen Ep2, Hibike! Euphonium Ep 4, Hello! KinLoli Mosaic Ep4

Good morning~ And im back till Sun so incoming spammy posts these few days

Kyoukai no Rinne

This ep is pretty fast, as its all about just intro-ing a new character, who used to transfered to Sakura’s middle school then suddenly got transferred out again. He’s an exorcist and its fucking obvious he loves Sakura, and Rokudou is starting to feel the pressure, maybe he will fight back. Sakura please be as cute as now or more cuter would be better i think.


Grisaia no Rakuen

I really need to get this game when Sekai Project is done with all of them.

So, pretty much still a flashback, but wont be long tho, as Asako’s health is deteriorating. Pretty lewd this ep, need a BD. Asako teaching him how to have sex on his birthday, then next thing he takes JB’s virginity. Ah so lewd, starting to like this, but i think it still will pretty much be butchered, but not as hard as Meikyuu and Kajitsu. I think the besto gurl is starting to waver in this one, JB vs Amane. Oh yeah, the OP was the shit, dem animations tho, and Kurosaki Maon returns. BGMs stayed the same, pretty lazy i suppose.

Story: 7/10

OP: 9/10

Hibike! Euphonium

Not the best gurl but still not bad already

Practice Practice Practice. Pretty much it. But it shows how smart the teacher is, using different methods to improve each individual section. Now they just need to be in sync with each other, then they can go to some Sunrise Festival to perform, which the school performed for every year, they nearly break their combo.


Hello! KinLoliPatsu Mosaic

best woman/sensei gurl candidate right here. She needs more exposure.

Still the fun never ends, talking about how to be delinquents, and Alice brings a Shinobu dakimakura to class and Karasuma-sensei scolds her not about bringing dakimakura to class, but about the dakimakura will make her sleep. Damn, really love this show. Hope it never ends. And Karen still besto. i guess


ok done, now to rewatch Date a Live then finish up on ImoCho and Oregairu

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