Mass writing: Nagato Yuki-chan Ep4, Gunslinger wtf Stratos Ep4, Isla Smile Pls Ep4, Seraph of the Loli Vampire Ep4, Hello KinLoli Mosaic Ep3

back to mass writing, imma make this as draggy as possible, as the last one was pretty short.

Nagato Yuki-chan ep4

Satelight ruined Mikuru… totally

My catchphrase for this show is now “I hate Satelight”, the artwork is driving me to drop this, but for the sake of Nagato… I must hold for another 12eps… So far the ep was pretty enjoyable, its Vals Day and the ep turns pretty cheesy at the 2nd half, but the cliffhanger tho… Dat cliche scene, but still, need to know what actually happened.


Gunslinger Stratos Ep 4

This ep was pretty shit in the artwork department, proved that A-1 has not been putting in effort in the combat scenes, if you compare SAO with this, its kinda obvious who’s winning, even tho SAO is not even A-1’s full potential. This will be my last weekly post for this series, but wont be dropping this as the story is starting to pick up, just frustrated at A-1’s attitude.


Plastic Memories Ep4

Isla might be winning best gurl this season if this keeps going on. All she need to do now is smile and im done

This ep is still damn nice. The beginning tho, just because Isla responded to his “Good morning”, he hyped hard, chill bro chill. Then the Terminal Service begins, this time the target is a orphan with a foster Giftia. The Giftia is already damn friendly, still she have to go, sigh. Then Isla been practicing how to smile after Marcia (the foster Giftia) told her to smile more, so far no avail, but can tell she put in some effort. The orphan has attitude issues. And then finally fixed it with a nice birthday party and with his fav cake. Then the black market starts to comes in and wait for next week. Fuck.


Seraph of the End Ep4

Finally dat Loli Vampire comes in.

Another nothing much ep. Predictions points dat this will drag on until the end of the season to end the arc then the 2nd season will be the part where he starts fighting fucking OP-ly. If next week is another one of these eps, imma stop posting. Totally wasting my time. But only good part about this ep is just the Loli Vampire finally pops out and save Mikaela.


Hello Kiniro Mosaic Ep4

This ep felt long, but damn, so much moments. The siblings so loli-badass. Haha, their words can kill. But need more Kuzehashi-sensei moments, she also like the perfect girl for me. Nothing much to say, i legitly enjoyed this series. Cant wait for more


Will post something later

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