First Impressions: Grisaia no Rakuen

Finally, its at the finale of the trilogy i always loved. They butchered Kajitsu and Meikyuu, will they do the same for Rakuen?

The last of the trilogy and also the most feels


It happens straight after Meikyuu, so there wont be any confusion or anything. So far ep1 is making me feel like they might make it right but will still ruin it at the end. Still pretty much about Yuuji’s history and his psychological barrier he have to overcome and how his master will help him. So far he already know how to snipe, so pretty much its gonna be very quick. The entire ep felt pretty long but lucky it wasnt very boring. So far so good, will say more on the next ep.


No changes here, still old 8-bit.


Next week, now its like… idk, hard to comment


A few more added but they are pretty indie because they mainly do VNs instead of animes. But still good job for all.


Nothing much to comment since im disappointed with Kajitsu and Meikyuu, will wait for next week for more.

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