5x Three-t: Etotama, Hibike, Rinne, OreMono, Nisekoi

Happy weekend… Mass watching spree going on and time for impressions,

Etotama Ep 3

Another fun ep, but Nya-tan might lose the no.1 spot in my besto gurl list for this anime, since is damn retarded and no sense of seriousness… A sad ep because Uri-tan died, and thats my real Zodiac sign irl, Such a pity… Thank you Nya-tan, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Otherwise, its all Nya-tan’s fault because i cant write much.


Hibike! Euphonium Ep 3

Sapphire-chan is not bad

Another eye-opening ep. That artwork can never be seen again from KyoAni… This needs a lot of budget. The storyline is epic, the teacher is a shit, and Kumiko’s sister appears, OMG SHE SO BEAUTIFUL~ But story is still pretty much flat, so imma just wait for more eps.


Kyoukai no Rinne Ep 3

i really like this girl

Funny ep, this show always have its own way expressing its humor. Mostly pretty economical and political, but still enjoyed it. And Mamiya Sakura is cute. Slowly can hear the Inoue Marina signature voice coming, maybe she was adapting to the character the whole time, if thats the case, i prefer her voice from ep 1 and 2, because now she should a bit awkward or shy. Overall, very enjoyable ep.


Ore Monogatari Ep3


The warm and fuzzy moments went through the roof for this ep, omg, its fucking cute. I was facepalming at Takeo being so dense at the beginning, because her actions are pretty obvious already, and she cried, wtf are you thinking. Smooth move, Makoto, you da MVP FTS, for sure. You cant find bros these days who always on your side and cover your back. Then the indirect confession, then the image happen after that, omg. I didnt see this coming at all, and i thought this might come during ep 8-10. Now i have to repredict how this show will go. Best ep ever


Nisekoi Ep 3

someone kill me

When she first talked, kinda obvious, Toyoguchi Megumi, ANNNDDDD, most badass character ever after Chifuyu. Cannot be messed with, if i was Raku, maybe i would have been cooked alive already. Whole ep pretty much about her and how is she a threat to modern society. 9000x worst than Chitoge.


Got more coming up so stick around~

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