What i will be watching for the next few weeks…


Yeah, no more reviews for this week. But good news is i finished Imocho, No Game No Life and Neptunia. Will cram all of them next week.

Gonna give a bit of detail of whats coming in my watching list.

Currently Watching:
1. The spring season animes Im watching right now.
2. Yahari (SNAFU) – need to keep up with the times. I didnt see the new season coming at all.
3. Yosuga no Sora – in my HDD long enough
4. Kimi ni Todoke – saw this on my HDD, seems like its gathering dust already
5. Chuunibyou – the BDs for S2 is out, so imma finish up asap.

I will keep it like this… Should be valid for at least a month. But might drop some in the process, so dont keep your hopes too high.

But if you have recommendations, please put in the comments below. My genres are Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance, Romantic Comedy. Try not to add fighting or combat animes, because i dont really like them unless they as legit as SAO.

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