IM IN HEAVEN: Sora no Otoshimono

Such girls…

Good evening~ Finally finished this, blame my addiction to Dragonball for stalling the show, such a short series, so much time used.

This is adapted from a manga which lasted for 7 years flat, yes, March 26, 2007 to March 26, 2014. Coincidence? I guess no. This series has 2 seasons, 1 OVA and 2 movies. Spoiler bombzzzzz



When i first watched this, it goes ecchi, fast, and i was literally glued. I fucking love it. It brings half of School Rumble’s randomness into a small tiny package. Soft-core ecchi with a unique censor that no one will ever see ever again. It did a good job for making it into a combat-RomCom hybrid. The comedy is fucking legit, i cant stop laughing. But as usual, the MC’s servant/Angeloid is damn OP, like VERY.

damn, the guns… Ikaros, you scary.

But still, there is not a single drop of generic cell in this season, at all.

The new Angeloid comes in, wants to kill the MC, Tomoki, ends up revealing a very dark secret of Ikaros, she is the Uranus Queen (see pic above). OP weapons everywhere.

Both Ikaros and Nymph has their cute side, even tho Nymph still treats humans like dogs, but slowly she starts to accept her fate as she got banished from Heaven, and started to treat humans better. She lost her wings before the final battle to all the way till S2 ending, imagine losing your wings for one entire season, its hell… Tomoki is also pretty much in SD form the entire series, because he rarely gets serious, and uses most of his time to fulfill his lust.


It escalates pretty quickly, but this one will be pretty disappointing if you want more action as this one has more fillers, but the fillers has better comedic quality than S1 and goes even more random. Yet again, new Angeloid appears, named Astraea, but end up being some clumsy big boobs, but her clumsiness brings more comedy factors into the series. Then another Angeloid appears at the middle of the season, surprisingly, a 2nd Gen, named Chaos, supposed to be OP, but at a near death battle, Ikaros won. Whew, but she didnt die yet, she gone even more berserk… And makes a comeback at the near end of the season, bringing Chaos badumtss… But ended up winning again, and Nymph regrew her wings. It was a touching sight.

Movie 1

Half of the movie pretty much is like adding something new into the old stuff, as its pretty much using archived footage while adding new scenes as there is a new girl named Kazane Hiyori, who has a crushed on Tomoki, and shows what she has been doing behind the scenes of both S1 and S2… Can skip tbh, unless you want to know more, or you like the girl or something. But after that, everything escalates fucking quickly, she joins the club, then suddenly she got into an accident, then PLOT TWIST, she’s actually an angel who is in a Matrix-like machine. But such a cute girl, got into an accident, such a pity. The ending was a pretty OP fight between Hiyori, now an Angeloid thanks to a bastard, and the 3 Angeloids, But it kinda ended without any heavy fighting, it gave a very sad ending, i have the feels for a bit, because she died… sigh. Omg, the feels… Overall the movie felt pretty long, but meaningful.

Movie 2

Yay another movie, and Hiyori is ALIVE, as an angel~~~ YAY~~~ But it doesnt feel right… I dont know why. But this one was pretty much fillers for the first half, then it starts to escalate at the second half as Tomoki removes his imprint with Ikaros causing a serious uproar. Then it became fillers again, then went serious, then went back to fillers. Fillers are now not as comedic as the previous ones anymore. But the best part was idk what the student council prez did, and Ikaros pops out of nowhere and suddenly brought Tomoki out on a date, omg since when Ikaros takes initiative on these things… But the ending was fucking anti-climatic, so its about Ikaros being fully devoted to become his master? WHERE THE FIGHT SCENES FROM THE BEGINNING AT?! WTF… 45mins wasted just like that. Ugh.


S1, S2, OVA and Movie 1 were all made by a division of AIC, AIC A.S.T.A. Movie 2 was made by Production IMS. Im listing Production IMS into my “Ruining everything list”, right after Manglobe. AIC did a terrific job at the artwork while IMS just landslides everything, fucking awkward flashbacks scenes as they didnt retain the quality AIC had. IMS’s colors are just bland and light and not vivid as AIC. Ugh. At least retain the character designs…


Not gonna post anything, because getting lazy and also it has quite a catalog of EDs, AIC tradition? Even the last ep of S1’s OP had some weird sound effects like what Haganai had. I dont mind that. BUT OP1 OF S2 THO, WTF TOMOKI, CANNOT UNSEE. Altogether 1+GB worth. They dont have much character songs.


Fucking legit list. Hoshi Soichiro, Hayami Saori, Takagaki Ayahi, Nomizu Iori, Fukuhara Kaori, Hikasa Yoko, Toyosaki Aki, Miki Shinichiro. I love them all, all of them did a good job, no one is better, or worse.


Story: 8/10 (S1+OVA), 7.5/10 (S2), 9/10 (Movie 1), 6/10 (Movie 2)

Art: 8/10 (S1, S2, OVA, Movie 1), 7/10 (Movie 2)

Music: 7/10 (S1,OVA,Movies), 8/10 (S2)

VAs: 7/10 (S1, S2, OVA), 8/10 (Movies)

Thats all for my lengthy review. OK, now to finish up on my uncomplete ones and write a review.

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