Etotama Ep2, DanMachi Ep3, Nagato Yuki-chan Ep1, Nisekoi Ep2

Imma cram everything into one post to save my time, to save your time.


might the 2nd best gurl after Haru

I love it. The story keeps killing me, all of them are equally cute, even the megane girls too… Imma provide weekly impressions of this for sure. SPOILERZZZZZZ

The so-called Expelled from Paradise animations methods is pretty good, but still ok, the combat scenes are pretty fluid, but the character cuteness isnt for me, to me, they looked weird. I really hope Nya-tan wins all 12 of them. Mo-tan is cute, like the description of cow = big boobies, and she speaks like Kongou and Karen, haha, mixing English into sentences. The MC dont feel generic also… Cant wait for more.



chill gurl, your boobies are jiggling

I think i know why i still find this bland, because Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, yeah, he got too many roles so far in 2015, its like Kaji Yuki in 2012-2013… But putting that aside, i will not drop this, but i will not post weekly impressions of this, because i have no idea what to write, and also the story is pretty bland for me, first time i felt that way about J.C.Staff. This wont turn generic but the ride will be a slow and smooth ride, i might sleep in the process, idk. Overall this ep pretty much wraps up a battle with a mastermind behind the releasing of the monster and a new character inbound, felt damn short.


Nagato Yuki-chan

dat cuteness

I still hate Satelight. Such uninspiring art…

That aside, its still pretty awesome, i love how the story is going, and its pretty close to the manga. And make me realise 10+ chapters can be done within 3 eps… Sigh. I love it, a lot. And the official entrance of Suzumiya Haruhi and Itsuki Koizumi, like the Disappearance arc of the original, they enrolled to another prestigious high school and Koizumi likes Haruhi. Will post weekly impressions of this, and definitely not dropping.



Haru BESTO~~~~

This ep is more of Tsugumi’s point of view… with a new girl added called Paula McCoy, alos have a cute personality. This season has shrunk down to 12 eps, and im sensing pretty much half of the season showing each girls’ POV, while the 2nd half will be all fun and games, i was hoping for 24 eps tbh, even tho nothing much happened in the manga but still i like it when they interact with each other, so cute~ And lesser random bubbles this ep, which is good, Shaft is learning. Definitely not dropping this and also will post weekly stuff about this.


Wraps up today’s weekly impressions, now imma either play Dragonball or Hyperdimension Neptunia until i have the inspiration to write something.

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