Controversial: Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (Oreimo)

good morning guys, imma start a wonderful Friday with a wonderful incest anime… I love it a lot, until i hyped it even the anime ended. Spoilers will exist in this post, dont say i never warn ya.

This is my most controversial anime to date as many people dont like it because of the incest but i like it because of the incest…

This series originated from a light novel, and it lasted for 5 years with 12 volumes. Then it became popular it became an anime and popped out a lot of visual novels.

Your review?

Storyline is awesome in S1, but after A-1 take over for S2, the A-1 landslide syndrome still kicks in even tho the staff remains the same. Imma start with S1. Before i watched this, i found this over the internet, and saw this long name. I was curious so i decided to watch it, after that i was literally glued to it. Imma do a summary:

Season 1

So we have a brother, called Kousaka Kyousuke, who is a high school boy who lives a normal life, and a sister, called Kousaka Kirino. Both of them never really talked, because their relationship is pretty, say… cold? They never really interacted for years. But suddenly, Kyousuke found a DVD case of a Mahou Shoujo anime, but when he opened the case, its actually an eroge. And guess who it belongs to, yes, Kirino.

That cuteness… omg. She’s a model and also a excellent track and field sprinter.

Then later that night, Kirino confesses that she actually is an otaku with a lot of moe or imouto-related eroge and animes.

That was one of her “lessons” about eroge… She works as a model so that she can sustain her hobby. One day, she felt a bit lonely as the only person she can talk to about anime and eroge is only her brother, and she cant talk to the otaku guys in her class as she has a very good reputation in her school. Then her brother asked her to go online and look for forums where they talk about her hobby. She found a forum, registered and was invited to a gathering in Akiba. And she pulled her brother along with her. The location was a maid cafe.

That’s what she wore to the gathering, but….

She went to the gathering, and her brother sitting somewhere near their table. Because of her outfit being too…classy(?), she became a bit alienated as the other girls wore pretty casually compared to her. The gathering ended with her sitting there quietly the entire time. Did she make friends? yeah she did.

She made friends with a gothic lolita


dont underestimate her, when she remove her glasses its a different story. Saori Bajeena has the same height as Kyousuke which is kinda scary for a girl.

They also made friends with Kyousuke. Kuroneko and Kirino are pretty opposites as Kuroneko watches fantasy anime for teens while Kirino still watches Mahou Shoujo animes for kids. And since both of them are tsun, not surprised that they fight over these things.

Kirino also has normal friends in school too. But she hide her hobbies from them so that they wont alienate her since both of them are pretty disapproving to otakus and their lifestyles. They are~~~

beware, she’s a yandere. Aragaki Ayase is also a model, same as Kirino.

Kurusu Kanako is also a model, but she’s pretty bratty.

Imma skip to the ending as this looks like it will never end.

So they split the anime into 2 routes, as Kirino was scouted to go to America for her track and field. So the TV ver ends with her NOT going to America and continues her life counselling the eroge and anime “lessons” with Kyousuke. But as for the true route, she did went to America, which made Kyousuke sad and empty, and decided to go to America to get her back, and she did.

Now for S2

Kuroneko dated Kyousuke for awhile broke up. That was the cutest and saddest part of Oreimo i guess.

Still pretty much the same… but the ending…

after that this happens


they didnt officiate this, because its illegal. They promised each other that after this, they will not have any romantic feelings for each other. Kinda painful to watch, as i approve this relationship, way more than KuronekoxKyousuke

a story well-wrapped…. maybe not, i was hoping for more.

There is also a extra 2 eps from BD volume 8. Its a VN style of storytelling but also adds a new character, Sakurai Akimi, who is from the later parts of the LN and it was a pity that she didnt make it for the anime series…


Part 2

Those who say SAO sucks because incest/wincest, think again, SAO’s incest/wincest is nothing compared to this. A little life lesson for you guys. But A-1 can do much better for SAO tbh.

now for my review

Storyline is great for S1, i laughed damn hard when Kyousuke “confessed” about his eroge hobby leaked in front of his dad. wtf. I laughed a legit 20mins. I got indirectly rejected from my crush on that day when i watched that ep, maybe thats why i laughed hysterically. But when S2 comes in, it was a damn good at the beginning, then it landslides in the middle eps but managed to save a bit from the last few eps then the ending kinda make it go landslide again, ending was too rushed and didnt give much detail about their future. In fact, i was thinking if they were to end like this, they most probably wont date anyone as they might still love each other. The LN also gave a hollow ending, maybe because they dont want to get criticised for promoting incest relationships. But still overall was a good ride, a memorable one in fact, hyped for damn long, even till now. I still love it. Dont mind rewatching another few more times.

Art was great for both seasons even tho the studios are different. AIC Build for S1, A-1 for S2. AIC Build ruined the art for the TV ver but managed to clear its sins with the BD ver. I watched the BD ver btw. There were a lot of obvious redraws from each ep. As for A-1, i give a minor plus because it looks and feels better than S1, proving that they are more capable than AIC. Lucky A-1 kept the character design, kinda feared they might change it like what Manglobe did to Hayate, omg, absolutely disgusting. The unique part about this anime is that each OP will have different scenes, which is kinda ok but wont make much impact on the anime itself.

Music for both seasons are also terrfic, in fact, this also have a massive playlist, i have 2gb worth, as there is different ED each ep…

Imma not post them as im getting lazy and this post is getting a bit excessively long.

VAs is also another awesome part as the list is pretty legit. Nakamura Yuichi, Taketatsu Ayana, Hayami Saori, Nabatame Hitomi, HanaKana, Sato Satomi, Tamura Yukarin, Watanabe Akeno, Ise Mariya, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu again, Ito Shizuka, Ogura Yui, Kuwashima Houko, Kido Ibuki, Kugimiya Rie, Sakura Ayane. Best VA? cant choose, a lot of them did a great job and loved most of them, so… keep it as everyone are the best.


Story: 7/10 (S1 TV), 8/10 (S1 True Route), 8/10 (S2), 9/10 (Special)

Art: 8/10 (S1), 8.5/10 (S2)

Music: 8/10 (S1), 8.5/10 (S2)

VAs: 9.5/10

That pretty much wraps up my longest post so far. Hope you guys like this… but if you hate, i have no choice since different people have different taste.

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