Second Impressions part 2

didnt post much this week… because of time constrains…

Seraph of The End

Thank god the story changed from serious to casual, if the story is still damn serious, imma drop this…

So far loving it… and Hayami Saori finally voices a amusing character, and Nakamura Yuichi, damn, his character rocks… cant wait for ep3…

Seen a random 3D scene during the crowd scene, dunno how to react.

Finally the OP and ED are here, both by Sawano Hiroyuki, but with different vocalists… OP is nice, gives off a Aldnoah feel to it… but the ED could be better…

Plastic Memories

Story pretty much stays the same, but still nice to watch so far. But for some reason it feels like Rail Wars all of a sudden… Not the story, i dont know how to explain this tbh…

Amamiya Sora’s character still damn cute… Toyoguchi Megumi voice acting is still damn good.

Finally the OP and ED came, but OP wins, it was so much better…

Then the ending tho, omg, heavy feels incoming in the next few eps…

Cant wait for ep3 for this too.

High School DxD BorN

Pretty short, didnt felt like 25mins, nothing much to talk much about… i think they are gonna train till the last few eps where there is a final battle to wrap up a season.

Gunslinger Stratos

Ok, its getting more and more confusing…

The battle was short and pretty anti-climatic, then they suddenly talk about time and dimensions and also about something about Timekeepers and human turning into sand because of Degradation, wtf im fucking confused… But i think it takes time for me to digest the facts. Tbh, i thought this anime is all about guns and gun battles, then suddenly all the complex shit starts to kick in and the facts are getting a bit of indigestion in my brain because too many facts coming at a very fast rate. And the ep ended pretty much like High School DxD, felt short

But wont drop it for now.

Kyoukai no Rinne

Lucky me, found this one before i wrap up my post.

I cant stop praising this art, Brain’s Base did a damn fine job at reproducing Rumiko’s art, and also Rumiko’s art is pretty amazing, so i love.

Story really explains a lot now, and still pretty comedic, haha, damn, cant wait for more…

Yukino Satsuki debut, as Rinne’s grandma, damn i miss her voice so much, damn her character is damn funny, wtf.

this wraps up my post. Will post some music later.

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