Similar but different: Onii-chan dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankei Nai yo ne! (OniAi) and Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne~!! (OniSuki)

Good afternoon, happy friday~

another Similar but Different series for you guys.

Why are they similar?

-Both have Onii-chan in their names

-Both have ridiculously long names

-Both have KitaEri and Chihara Minori in it

-Both have Harem and RomCom in their genre list.

-Both are one cour of 12 eps

both may have Onii-chan in their names, but OniSuki is not incest, will tell you why later.


Dont worry, its just a dream, not real.

Was expecting incest of this one and im correct. But the funny thing is, the incest is one-sided. The imouto is the first on the left. Funny when the brother keeps avoiding her.

this girl has no shame…

She makes cliched scenes sounds alien to the show. Damn, she really needs a life.

calm yo tits gal~

Storyline was pretty ok, wouldnt say its fantastic, the ride is pretty good, but sometimes it really makes you facepalm. When i saw Kawaguchi as director, i was preparing myself for a good ride with an ending which will make me hate the show, lucky it was pretty ok, but at least give me an OVA.

Artwork done by Silver Link, which is a plus, since Silver Link never disappoint so far, in fact was hoping for Onuma Shin for this one. Characters are nice and cute, colors are vivid and crisp.

VAs wise, did a pretty good investment for this one, Kido Ibuki, Chihara Minori, Shimoda Asami, KitaEri, Takamoto Megumi and Morohoshi Sumire… Best VA? Ibuki Kido, love her voice when in kawaii mode, then when Tsun kicks in, the transition is HUGE. Sorry KitaEri, i dont like it when you voice boyish characters… As for Shimoda Asami, maybe im just not used to her voice being all traditional and stuff, her voice is really suitable for cute characters.

Music is fine, OP was a bit disappointing, because Minori is not suitable to sing these type of songs, ED was fine, but sometimes a bit messy for me. BGMs are ok i would say, always love when Silver Link winds down the music… haha.


TV ver

Full ver


Full ver

Best girl? pretty much Akiko, due to her cute and weird personality. HAHA. But she will reject me for her brother tho… And also Kido Ibuki… She’s pretty cute tbh


Story: 7/10

Art: 8/10

Music: 7/10

VAs: 8/10



This is the better one out of the pair, hands down

Why isnt this an incest? Because they are not blood related oops spoilers and more ahead. The imouto for this is adopted by the brother’s parents as the parents of both sides are friends and the imouto’s parents died in an accident. She is apparently named after her real mom. Real name unknown till this point.

Storyline is epic, this sister has professional spying skills, you cant hide from her. ANYTHING. Director did an excellent job, I really love this series. All of the girls are pretty scary…

hell no way…

Art done by Zexcs, you might not know them, they did pretty indie shows, like Noein, Canvas 2, Fortune Arterial, but they did Shonen Hollywood and also Aku no Hana, so are actually pretty legit. What i find it disturbing is their extremely tall height and overly skinny bodies, maybe its the mangaka but omg, do they have malnutrition or smth? Thats a downside for me, but managed to get over it.

Music is pretty nice… Especially the OP, ED was also good, so are the BGMs.


Full ver


Full ver

time for some spoilers~

HAHA, always dying at each ep…

VAs wise, KitaEri, Inoue Marina, Sato Rina, Chihara Minori… not bad. OniAi has better casts but OniSuki has better voice acting performance. At first when Marina’s character’s appears, i really cant tell its her, because she has a signature tsun voic that she uses in nearly all her characters, slowly i start to recognise her voice. Best VA goes to….. KitaEri and Marina, the both of them are veterans in the field already, and they really did a good job for this.

Best gurl? hmmm… cant really choose, everyone has their cute side and also dark side… But its a tie between Nao and Iroha… Mayuka is too BL for me, lol, she trying to make Shuusuke gay or smth? wtf.

Note: This has an OVA, better watch them all.


Story: 8/10

Art: 7/10

Music: 8.5/10

VAs: 8/10

I would highly recommend you to watch OniiSuki than OniAi, but no harm watching both tho.

Thats basically it. Hope you enjoy…

Now if you excuse me, imma finish up my Sora no Otoshimono, omg, the ecchi is just… wow, with the comedy haha, can die.

Will post something later, stay tuned.

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