A drop in quality: Amagami SS+

Good evening, a very bad news for everyone, this one is seriously not as good as you think it is.

Why? What happened?

The nice girls are back, but they somewhat mirrored everything, Tsukasa is first and Haruka is last in this series. Not bad arrangement since the both of them are my favs, but somewhat the story is sucks now. Really. The whole series is shortened to just 13 eps so each girl only gets 2 eps now and also no more Kamizaki Risa… wtf… WHY AIC WHY?

Tsukasa arc: 7/10

Love the girl and her hidden personality. Storyline was decent, ending is VERY rushed, and it ended less happy than how it ended in S1. As of the OVAs, dayum girl… Its a guilty pleasure ep i swear.

RIhoko arc: 6/10

Dont really like the girl, dunno why. Story was boring as fuck. Thank god its only 2 eps… Ending was literal horrible. OVA was pretty romantically cliched, rain, stuck in a phone booth, but still warm and fuzzy.

Ai arc: 6.5/10

Also dont like this girl, maybe her personality pisses me off. Story was ok, ending was somewhat at least better than how it ended in S1. OVA is a cliched ep, but still fine.

Kaoru arc: 6.5/10

Too tomboyish for me. Story was also an ok for me, ending pretty much the same level as S1… OVA was pretty nice tho.

Sae arc: 7/10

the awkwardly cute girl, NOPE. Story was weird, but ending way better than how it ended on S1, i give it to that. Awkward OVA for this one.

Haruka arc: 9/10

The entire show is saved thanks to her. Another best girl for me, cute personality that everyone wants.  Thank god my real gf is like her, not gonna lie. Story was cute, cheesy and hilarious, thanks to her oddly cute personality. And also the addition of Jessica is another plus. Ending was pretty nicely wrapped up, even tho the timeline of the ending is earlier than S1, but at least its a proper wedding. OVA was pretty epic, love it a lot.

Miya arc: 8/10

Its that time again, a 1 ep special about the imouto. But actually there isnt much detail about her in this ep, in fact its like a mashup of everything into one ep. Story is rushy, but ending was pretty ok.

Art done by AIC, no complains, pretty perfect in its current state.

Music still pretty mediocre, uninspiring OP, and now there is only 1 ED, wtf.

VAs pretty much the same, nothing much to write about.

Overall it feels like a massive budget cut from S1… S1 definitely is better.


no difference from S1 except for

Music: 5/10

Will post another one or maybe not, see how it goes…

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