Favourite Girl this week: Suou Amane 周防 天音 and good night post


ok last post before i officially sleep.

Why her?
Loved her a very long time, for those who know about the series, yes i played the VN, her route legitly made me cry, both the bad and good ends. i dont see why people dont like her, she is so lovable. She even have legit tits. She can be my onee-chan anytime. She can cook, she’s caring, she’s near perfect.

Watched the anime, it was pretty shitty, moving away from the VN but using VN’s music is such a horrible move, I hope Rakuen and Meikyuu dont disappoint. even tho im expecting the worst, thanks to dat damn director.

Hope you guys keep a lookout for her too, now if you excuse me, imma watch OniSuki until i legitly wanna sleep. Night…

Posted from Galaxy Note 10.1 w/ Taketatsu Ayana and Hanazawa Kana

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