Sweet and Lovely: Amagami SS (season 2 will have to wait a bit longer…)

good evening…

watched it over the week and i have to say, my heart fluttered a lot…

What is this about?

You see a lot of girls and there is only one guy, first thing comes to your mind, harem. NOPE, There is NO harem at all. It tells different stories for different girls, pretty much like a VN, but the story ends with a good end. Since this was from a VN, was expecting the worst, but i was wrong.

I will make this a lengthy one. VERY lengthy, aiming for a thousand words. And I did it.

1st girl

Totally agree with the meme. She is DAMN weird. This scene is from the OVA, and she is not sucking his dick, its just… hmm… should i spoil you, NEVER MIND…

She has a quarter British blood, she likes to mix English with her Japanese, pretty much like Kongou’s way of speaking. She’s one year older than him, but i still approve.

The story is pretty heartwarming, then when the part where the guys kisses the back of her knee, oops, haha, i thought this show is going to a ecchi direction. Haha damn, this girl… really amazes me, you need to see her behavior, i cant really write it out, you need to watch it. The ride was cute and fun and pretty hilarious. Her Meow Meow Attack, damn, i need a girl like that in my life. Ending was pretty much wrapped up, i thought they were gonna have a family like Ayatsuji but nope… sigh such a pity… And she’s voiced by Ito Shizuka, so plus plus plus~~~ Can imagine her voicing all the excited parts, first time for me listening to the overly bubbly personality voice, so it was an eye opener for me.


2nd girl

She is a tsun… very tomboyish kind, dont really like her so imma just make this short. This has a very interesting part, the guy kissing her belly, wtf, i was like what. This girl might be a bit generic for me… so imma pass. Storyline was a bit emotional but the ending was a bit… dull i guess… She really need better looks, i dont really like the character design for her tbh. Voiced by Sato Rina, not really surprised tbh, since she voiced these types of roles for the past few years i watch her animes.


3rd girl

She most probably be the most awkwardly cute girl i ever seen in anime, She has a very weirdly cute voice, i mean really weird and awkward. Not my type of girl also, too timid and too soft. But she has quite a comedic storyline, no ecchi scenes from her tho. lucky. Pretty nice storyline, and the ending was cute.Voiced by Konno Hiromi, dont really know her, but her voice is pretty nice.


4th girl

Hmm, this girl… is not my type of kuu for me. But she’s not bad, she can be really cute at times, but might have been the most boring girl i ever seen in anime so far. Nothing much to write about her, pretty nice story and ending was fine, wasnt that good. Voiced by Yukana, maybe that salvaged her i guess.


5th girl

She’s the childhood friend. Ahh, incoming generic comments, ok, it was quite generic, the childhood friend love kind of thing, but the journey was nice, and ending was ok too, but wasnt that great either. And again, nothing to write about her, not my type of girl after all. She looks a bit fat. Voiced by Shintani Ryoko, at first i thought she voiced Compa from Hyperdimension Neptunia, but i was wrong, damn, her portfolio of roles are pretty legit. Will keep a look out for her.


6th girl (not the last one yet)

One of the most controversial girl i ever seen, my type of girl im telling you. She may look like a nice girl with a perfect personality but actually… she’s a yandere. I LIKE~~~ omg, she so cute, i like the real her maybe im a M. But at one point she suddenly changed into like a perfect girl, cute personality, acting all cutesy and all. I always thought she has multiple personalities, but it was all an act. Pretty much have the best story in the series and the ending was a good wrap up, love how they ended up having a family and go to the festival again, and that short hair tho so good on her. Their daughter looks too much like Ayastuji already, so biased haha. Heartwarming ending is a real plus. This girl might be my wife if she exists… Voiced by Nazuka Kaori, nice voice transition tbh, will keep a look out for her.


7th girl

Also another perfect girl. She can do anything just to be with you, and i want this type of girl, who is willing to do anything just to have me. Such a pity its just 1 ep, she needs her own route tbh. Story was very heartwarming, but ending needs more juice. Simple but sweet. Voiced by Kadowaki Mai, seems legit.


8th girl

His imouto, pretty cute, like her also. Calling her brother nii-nii, damn, so cute everytime she calls him that. Nothing much to talk about since there isnt any incest in this so… yeah. Voiced by Asumin Kana, so plus plus plus, CUTE VOICE…



Storyline for each girl was done already so skip~ Art was nice, made AIC, it looked like its like Loveplus, which i like. Nothing much to complain about. VAs, pretty nice, most of them are relevant, for best VA… imma give it to Ito Shizuka, Asumin Kana, Kadowaki Mai and Nazuka Kaori. Music wise, cant feel both OPs, but OP2 is a better one. Best ED gotta be Itou Shizuka’s… BGM are pretty legit, like them.

not gonna post OP since its not that good.

ED (all TV sized)

was planning not to post them all but since someone compiled them so why not?


Art: 8/10

Music: 7/10

VAs: 9.5/10

will watch Amagami SS+ next week… But kinda disappointed its shortened up… will lower down my expectations a bit.

and there you go, my lengthiest review in history (so far)… and im done for my Friday post, dont expect any posts tomorrow, because i might be able to post, if i have time, i will definitely do it for you guys.

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