Review and Favourite OP of the week: Servant x Service

good afternoon~ Thought of combining both to save time…

What is this about?

About a bunch of civil servants working at a government office in Hokkaido. And there is a girl with the longest name on Earth lazy to type her full name, wants her revenge on the guy who approve her name. in fact actually her parents are also to blame for that dumbass name. Then the series goes into slice of life mode… with a lot of comedy.

Your review about this?

Its not generic, its not really episodic. Its from a 4-koma manga, same author as Working, so i decided to give it a try. HAHA I LOVE IT. Storyline is pretty much from the manga which is fine because i fear A-1 will butcher this. Art is pretty nice, was impressed at A-1 about this. Music wise, BGMs are legitly nice, and now the OP~

TV length

Full ver


Chihaya ver

Lucy ver

Full ver

A lot of ver for this one, imma just let you guys do your own research, damn.

VAs, Kayano Ai, Nakahara Mai, Toyosaki Aki, Kobayashi Yuu, Hidaka Rina… I will choose Hidaka Rina…

loved her voice so much.


Story: 8/10

Music: 8.5/10

Art: 8.5/10

VAs: 8/10

second season worthy: yes

kept it short because i want to write another review…

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