I feel so pitiful: Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou

good evening again

Love this one also, you will see why.

What is this about???

About a guy who have to live in a boarding house because of his parents’ work being transferred to another place. He then fall in love at first sight with a girl 1 year older than him in his school library and ended up living at the same place as her, perfect setting? not really, there is also a lot of weird people there, a Masochist, a Tsun and a Yan. Even the landlady is weird. Actually the title is a form of Japanese wordplay, it has an alternate meaning of “We are all pitiful”, thats why i pulled it off into my title

Here is my review:

Its from another 4koma-manga whose author also made Love Lab was hoping that Love Lab was a yuri animu but was disappointed

Storyline is also pretty much attached to the manga so its fine. 12eps damn short. Art, WOAH NO WAY THAT QUALITY. 1080p or else dont bother watch, also recommend if you watch it on a proper 1080p TV, or else you cannot feel it, my laptop screen isnt dat good compared to my TV, damn.

Damn i love it. Brain’s Base made this, and i was really goddamn surprised, because i watched D-frag before this, didnt know that they have such potential. This budget gonna be huge. Crisp and vivid, so much power….

Music wise, OP and ED were pretty nice, BGMs too.


TV ver

Full ver


TV ver

Full ver

Both are equally nice

VAs… HanaKana, Sato Rina, Kanemoto Hisako… the main 3 i liked when watching the anime


Story: 9/10

Music: 9/10

Art: 10/10 its too perfect, watch the BD ver if you wanna experience the best

VAs: 8/10

Imma wrap it up for the weekend later.

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