Favourite songs of the week: Cocytus-HanaKana, Heart Pattern-Toyama Nao, Taisetsu no Tsukurikata-HanaKana, Toyama Nao


Why did i put a Nisekoi pic when there is a song not from Nisekoi…

Anyways~ Good morning~ yeah currently hyping for Nisekoi as the date draws near… April 10, damn. cant wait.

sorry, cant find a good Onodera ED for you guys… i dont really like Onodera’s ED…


Its from one of HanaKana’s singles, on Xmas Eve it was released.

there is a remix ver for this, but i cant find it. I find the remixed ver nicer to groove to haha.

HanaKana had always sang slow and calming songs and im not surprised this is the same, in fact i liked all her songs.

Music: 8/10

Vocals: 8/10

Ok, Nisekoi time.

Heart Pattern-Toyama Nao

Really love this ED. Toyama Nao’s voice is nice damn.

Music: 7/10

Vocals: 8/10

Taisetsu no Tsukurikata-HanaKana, Toyama Nao

i just pulled off a math equation.

I rank this higher than Toyama Nao’s ED, really love the melody.


Vocals: 8.5/10

Hope you guys enjoy, will post favourite OP later

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