Its a mindfuck: The entire Suzumiya Haruhi francise

Good evening~

Its one of the most controversial anime/light novel of all time. I personally like how this uniqueness mindfucked me, it really makes me reflect a lot of things.

The light novel has not ended yet but the author decided to go into an indefinite hiatus, sigh…

So, your review pwease

ok, imma start now.

As some of you guys now, when this show aired, it wasnt in its proper order of eps, then the DVD/BD released with the correct order. And i watched the BD ver. Even tho they didnt show in the correct order, but each ep dont feel episodic at all, in fact the uniqueness amazes me. Ep0 is lol tho.

Storyline is nice for S1, everything may be weird but it kinda makes sense. As for S2, its pretty controversial, Endless Eight. That 8 ep of nonstop looping with minor changes, KyoAni had reasons for that. According to fellow blogger tomodachi, its because KyoAni was busy with Disappearance that they dont have enough animators to make a proper S2. As for the movie, hell its funny, so much mindfuck and plot twists, physics are involved as well. Ishihara Tatsuya is good at this, he also directed Clannad, Chunibyo and Nichijou btw. But overall i still love it. I have been thinking along the series, does Haruhi like Kyon? Then why is Kyon the key for everything? Why did she choose Kyon for everything, even all the supernatural stuff? Its always a mystery i have been trying to solve.

Music wise, well done, they literally pulled off a K-On on me. So many songs, damn, love them all. Hirano Aya a good singer. The BGMs are nice too. Their OP and ED are all damn epic, omg, cannot stop listening. ADDICTIVE.


TV ver

Full ver


TV ver

Full ver


TV ver

Full ver


TV ver

Full ver

Art is done by KyoAni, which is excellent btw, watched it in glorious 1080p and its gorgeous, especially the movie, the Endless Eight was worth it.

VAs, Hirano Aya, Sugita Tomokazu are awesome, their coordination and chemistry is great. Goto Yuko, Ono Daisuke, Chihara Minori all did a excellent job, in fact, everyone did a good job. Hard time for Sugita Tomokazu because he is like a storyteller, he has damn a lot of lines. But he did a good job with his voice, fits well with Kyon.

Besto Gurl?

Nagato Yuki for sure

Love her more when Disappearance movie happened.

The new Disappearance will have a very very cute Nagato Yuki. Im hoping for that. Wonder how Minori will voice her.

How about Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu/The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan anime?

I CANT WAIT. Been reading the manga, its nice. Waiting for her to disappear tbh.


Story: 8/10 (S1), 7.5/10(S2) have to give lower for S2 since they kinda wasted 8 eps.

Art: 9/10

Music: 9/10

VAs: 9/10

Did you know?

The author of the LN graduated from law school, damn. It does have some link towards that mindfucking storyline.

ok, im done, will think of ideas to review. If you have any anime for me to review or recommend me to watch, just comment~ I will try to entertain all your requests


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