Imagine a visual novel: Noucome

actually promised you guys to do this on my 2nd week but then… sorry, i will post naw.

good morning~

gonna do something epic here.

What’s this about? So much hype to the point your page is filled with it.

Some might hate it since its a harem, but its not really that generic at all. Even tho the MCs might be pretty uninspiring but its still a good one. I really missed this show, im really expecting a second season from this tbh.

Pretty much says about a guy having this curse called “Absolute Choices”, making his life similar to a visual novel, but in a damn weird way. The laughs are pretty epic and plot twists here and there, i cant really predict how the story goes but the ending was pretty… i wouldnt say anti-climatic, but its not that hopeful, but it leaves me hanging, I need a season 2, im having withdrawals.

Storyline is pretty good, in fact, in love. SPOILERS AHEAD. pretty much the whole post

Art is nice, i has no complains. Diomedea should have done this to World Break, World Break’s art is so uninspiring, even the LN has better illustrations. Maybe because they hired the good animators for Kancolle, and got the not-so-good ones for World Break? idk, cant judge.


TV ver

Fanmade AMV full ver

S.M.L by Afflia Saga (Sweet, Melty, Love), damn, imma put this under the favourite song this week section.

i know you want it, so imma just give it to you

The ED is pretty nice too

TV ver

Full ver

addicting tbh

BGMs are pretty nice too.

VAs side, DAMN NEVER HEARD CUTENESS LIKE HER. Sadohara Kaori, Kondo Yui, Tsuji Ayumi, Igarashi Hiromi. And also Hayama Ikumi, even tho its short, but still damn.

Besto Gurl

no questions asked, she’s too cute, hands down. Oka is a close second, then Yukihira.

I really recommend you guys to watch this. First its short, 10eps + 1 OVA. DAMN.

i really find it too short, 10eps damn short.


Story: 9.5/10

Art: 9.5/10

VAs: 9/10

Music: 9.5/10


ok ok last spoiler


2 responses to “Imagine a visual novel: Noucome

  1. Even though I found it extremely silly, sometimes pushing my tolerance of silliness, I really wish there would be another season of this because it had moments that were absolutely hilarious. Maybe I should rewatch this at some point…

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