Favourite Songs of the week: Yell ~Little Girl’s Secret~ – Kitamura Eri, This game – Suzuki Konomi, Wishing – Nogawa Sakura

Im slowing things down this week. Too many fast songs in my playlist already

Yell ~Little Girl’s Secret~-Kitamura Eri

From Hyperdimension Neptunia

This song is nice and slow, can in a way sooth your soul. And its by Kitamura Eri, PERFECTO~~~


Music: 9/10

Vocals: 8.5/10

This Game-Suzuki Konomi

From No Game No Life

This one is addictive because of the piano beginning and the melody after that. Damn. Love this.


Music: 8.5/10

Vocal: 8/10

Wishing-Nogawa Sakura

From Seto no Hanayome

Omg, love this song too, and the vocal… such a pity the VA has decided to go on a indefinite hiatus due to poor health, please recover, i love your voice~

oh yeah, there is a remix ver for this one. But i cant find it, Kitamura Eri sang that one, kinda nice too.


Music: 8.5/10

Vocal: 9/10

Will post Favourite OP later.

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