Battle~~~: Kiss X Sis BD/TV ver vs OVA ver

Good afternoon~

Why so random?

Was watching Kiss X Sis OVA so i got an idea by writing this.

Ok, start please.

So its gonna be about the difference between the two, both of them are adapted from the manga, but the BD/TV ver adapts the first few volumes of the manga and the OVA adapts a chapter of the volume that it came with it. The BD/TV is not as ecchi as the OVA ver. As for the BD vs TV comparisons, BD is pretty much “uncensored”. Dunno if its uncensored or just clearing the ridiculous patterns covering the panties. OVA is like your ImoCho TV ver, softcore porno and a cocktease. OVA always surprises me with the plot while BD/TV is just going with the flow, which makes it pretty much predictable, but plot twists still exists tho.

Which one is better?

Both have their unique points, but the OVA is more interesting but the BD/T.V has better quality, the OVA only comes in DVD ver, which is a bit disappointing. BD/TV cannot make a better climax than the OVA, maybe because of the general audience, but the both end episode like High School DxD and To-Love ru, anti-climax, but not that bad. Music wise, i give it to the BD/TV, i like the OP and ED better. The BGMs are pretty much the same so no need to compare. VAs, Ayana the besto~, both had same cast so cant compare again. Both are made by feel but I like the BD/TV better due to 1080p, DVD for the OVA only had 576p, sigh.

A small review?

Nice storyline for both, good artwork, characters looked damn cute. Pushing censorhip to the absolute limits. 12 eps too short. Now waiting for April for the last OVA. And since its incest, I worship this series.

Besto Gurl?

Hands down, her hair, her personality, her cooking skills… perfect


TV/BD ver

Story: 7/10

Art: 1080/10

VAs: 9/10

Music: 8.5/10

OVA ver

Story: 9/10

Art: 576/10

VAs: 9/10


Go watch if you want some incest

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