Different but Similar: Nyan Koi and Mayo Chiki


Good morning, this is the review i promised.

So, how are they similar?


  1.  Harem
  2.  Iguchi Yuka voices both heroines
  3.  Same directors
  4.  Both are 1cour
  5.  Both are Romantic Comedies
  6.  Both have pretty excellent OPs
  7.  Both have pretty anti-climatic endings and leaves me hanging with no S2 or OVA. damn you Kawaguchi even tho the series are good
  8. Both male characters have weaknesses. Kinjiro has gynophobia and Junpei has cat allergies


Hmm. I commence my analysis and hours of massive R&D report.

Mayo Chiki first.

This might be one of the most anti-climatic series i ever watched. The ride was REALLY GOOD, the flow is buttery smooth, unexpected plot twist, its just WOW. The laughs are legit, they are legitly funny and breaking all laws of physics. Such a pity it doesnt have a S2, but it ended at a right spot. As for the downside, FUCK THE ENDING. They kiss and it ended. And what’s the deal of ep13?! Might as well make it an OVA instead. I literally raged in front of my PC, because of ep12 ending and ep13. Damn it. So pissed. Its like an economic recession this one, from the top, then suddenly go rock bottom.

As for the art, Feel is in charge, they made pretty ecchi animes like Papakiki and Kiss X Sis, Fortune Arterial. Feel is made from former-Studio Pierrot staff who made Naruto and Tokyo Ghoul. The art is cute, best from feel tbh, Jinsei would be a second. Cute, just cute. Nothing else need to be said.

As for the music, OP is nice, ED is nice, BGM very lighthearted. Another hit.


the most accurate i could find.


sorry couldnt find the full ver, this one is also a good one

this one is also a good one, oh yeah a fact of the day for you guys, KUREHA AND ME, SAME BIRTHDAY. LEGIT FACT

VAs time, Iguchi Yuka, Asumin, HanaKana, KitaEri for me… YuiKaori made a cameo appearance but they did a cute job.

Besto gurl? I was contemplating between Kanade, Subaru and Nakuru… but a choice must be made…

BECAUSE MEGANE FETISH HYPE. Ok, shes a bit overboard with the megane fetish thing but still… CUTE.

Best scene time~

there you go.

Now, some neko Nyan Koi.

Gotta love the cats, really, damn cute and cunning. The ride is nice, the flow is smooth, also had some unexpected plot twists. The laughs are all legit. Another pity that it didnt have a S2 or OVA, but this ended pretty bad for me. Downside, 12 eps, fucking anti-climatic ending, like REALLY. How can Kaede be so fucking air-headed, Junpei naked and you let him off so easy. Sigh.

As for the art, AIC made this, pretty unexpected from them, the colors are nice and the characters are cute, nothing to say.

For the music, DAMN, the OP is unique and ED is pretty normal. BGM is lighthearted so its fine…

VAs, Iguchi Yuka, Kobayashi Yuu, Tomatsu Haruka, Fukui Yukarin. But i really have to give it to Kobayashi Yuu, the voice acting damn, epic. Just epic.

Besto gurl? Another hard choice but still…

She’s from hell damn.


Mayonnaise Chicken

Story: 8/10

Art: 9/10

Music: 9/10

VAs: 9/10

Nyan Koi

Story: 7.5/10

Art: 8/10

Music: 9/10

VAs: 9/10

pretty much wrapped up my review. My next post will be either another anime review or besto gurl post. Stay tuned~

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