not sure if Yuri: Yuru Yuri

hmmm, even tho its categorized as Yuri, but i cant really sense it, but good series overall.


I dont know what the end point is so its kinda hard to summarise, basically its a slice of life type of thing.

Why you cant sense the Yuri?

simply not Yuri enough, maybe because i dont like how they make it a one-sided type of thing, instead mutual.

What I feel about the 2 seasons and OVA?

This show is mostly about the journey, instead of expecting a good ending. As for the OVA, i think might as well make a new season tbh. OP1 is better than OP2 but ED2 is better than ED1, a lot of character songs, like A LOT. Akarin~~~~~ moments are always epic. All the characters are all goddamn lovable. Im also confused who are the main characters, because Akarin gets cut off everytime. Even tho the studio for the OVA changed, but they still maintained the character design unlike Hayate, as for the art, in fact its better than how Dogakobo is animating. Kyoko can be very irritating. Yui can be like a guy, for the series i mean. Chinatsu is like the dark ver of Mirakurun, I like both but Mirakurun voiced by Taketatsu Ayana, ahhhhh HARD DECISION. Chitose and Chizuru, definitely Chitose, sinced voiced by Toyosaki Aki, but Chizuru’s way of having illusions is better, another hard decision. Sakurako can be a retard, but still she has her own ways of kawaii… like maybe the VA is Kato Emiri thats why? Himawari because big boobs, and Mimori Suzuko. Rise is like the softest girl i ever seen, damn i need an amp for her. Akane is damn…….. idek what to say already, but she in my list of cuties too. Too many characters.. all of them are all cute in their own ways

Besto Gurl

Hard to pick, REALLY HARD. I cannot just choose one.

who is she? shit, i dont even know

Why? mainly based on VA performance and who the VA is and how cute they really are.


Story: 9/10 (S1), 8/10 (S2), 8.5/10 (OVA), 8/10 (Overall)

Art: 8/10 (S1, S2), 9/10 (OVA)

VAs: 9/10

Music: 9/10 (S1), 8/10 (S2), 9/10 (OVA), 8.5/10 (Overall)

Cant bear to see this series go tbh.

Next review will be a 2-in-1, because i sense some similarity between the two and also to save time for more spam

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