Fav songs of the week: Zanzou Mirai-Suzuki Konomi, Rinrei-Kitamura Eri, Coloring-Horie Yui

Sorry i posted this instead, my 2-in-1 review can only be done by tomorrow, so imma make a 3 song special instead. Too much data to process.

Zanzou Mirai-Suzuki Konomi


Wait, why is she again and also why is a Choir Jail single pic is shown??

erm, sorry, i really like her songs. I have a variety of songs, i will try to expand it by next week. But hey, there is 2 more songs from 2 different artists, stay positive guys.

What is the deal about this song?

Listen first

For those who know about the song, you guys might simply call it a ripoff from Choir Jail, but to me, its better than Choir Jail.


The music, the way how Konomi sings this, its all better than Choir Jail. JUST LISTEN TO DAT MELODY. It really pushes her vocals close to her limits. Shows a different light from her.


Music: 9/10


Rinrei-Kitamura Eri


So, what about this?

From slow to quick, damn, love the rock in this song. Fast to slow again, her vocals as usual, impresses me.


Music: 9.5/10


Coloring-Horie Yui

ok enough with the guitars and drums and lets go bubbly pop

Some people will love this song, some will hate it badly.

Hmm? Whats nice about this?

there you go. Its pretty lighthearted and relaxing, contrast to the fast-paced and rock and metal i used to post. I do listen to slow songs, but rarely. And the chorus is the easiest to remember and also made wanna dance too.

She is also a VA btw, one of my favs too.


Music: 9.5/10


Hope you guys enjoy~

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