Different but similar: IS and Korezom

Beauty-galaxy-tab-s-wallpaper-1207-2014082812072-horzGood afternoon~ sorry this post took that long, lengthy review this one. Damn, Korezom’s LN ended in Feb… sigh

Hmmm whats the big deal about combining them both?


  1. Harem
  2. Both have Hikasa Yoko as VAs
  3. Both adapted from LNs
  4. Both have 2 seasons
  5. Both have 3 OVAs
  6. Season 1 was good, Season 2 was shit

So, how was it?

Both of them are unique in their own ways duh

i love the S2 logo more

Firstly, IS. Found it on 2011, but i dropped it once due to time restraints. But picked it up again a year later, didnt regret it, the first half was very lighthearted for me, enjoyed it a lot. Second half was nice and the fight scenes were getting better. 8-bit did a good job. Felt like it was a pity that it ended, but then the OVA came, laughed pretty hard, and very cute and lighthearted.

Finally, 2nd season came, expecting a lot from it, but was utterly disappointed. The only positive about S2 is Kayano Ai, Saito Chiwa and Mimori Suzuko, as mini Chifuyu, Orimura Madoka, student council prez Sarashiki (Katana) Tatenashi and the sister Sarashiki Kanzashi respectively. Tatenashi is cute, and Kanzashi is also cute because she’s shy. Too much fillers and fanservice, with a sudden random battle at the end with no proper ending. Byakushiki is OP again. And Ichika a total retard. Thats the main reason why it really sucked.

Art is pretty much ok, the 2.5D hybrid animation is also a plus for me, since the fight scenes cannot reproduce such quality if its all hand-drawn 2D. 8-bit good job. Every series had the same director except for IS2’s OVA, but pretty much no changes.

Music wise, both are equally good, one of the strong points of IS. Both OP were sang by Kuribayashi Minami, who also sang for Mai Otome’s OP, pretty nice. Both ED sang by the 5 girls, which is pretty much perfect. BGMs are fine.

VAs, yes my fav part. Hikasa Yoko, Shimoda Asami, Yukana, HanaKana, Inoue Marina, Saito Chiwa, Mimori Suzuko, Tamura Yukarin… I cant pick one. Best cast i ever had. All the VAs did a decent job

As for the characters, IS had me thinking hard for a best girl, its pretty much everyone except Laura and Cecilia for me, including Tatenashi and Kanzashi.

Secondly, KoreZom. Zombies, seems legit. Comedy here comedy there. Loved it, especially when Ayumu starts to hallucinate about Eu, haha, so many VAs. Will talk more about it later. The story is nice, quite a bit of gore, and also

damn, this is epic. Signature move

and also, this is epic mind fuck

How da fuck can he become like that and also

skip to 3:00

damn how can he go even more cuter. Really. Season 1 was a good ride, the OVA too. But then season 2 came, looks like it started from the beginning but actually its not. Fillers and fanservice there. Season 2 sucks so hard. But overall it was enjoyable. Ayumu OP as hell.

Art, Studio Deen managed to pull it off, so not much comments. The girls are all pretty cute, which is fine. Same director for all series, fine by me, he did a good job.

Music, damn, i cant feel the OPs but i can feel the EDs… i legitly dont like the OPs. BGMs are ok.

VAs, pretty much only Hikasa Yoko that is in my fav list. But as for Eu’s illusions, i pick Tange Sakura, Horie Yui, Kaneda Tomoko, Kanai Mika, Minaguchi Yuko, Koyama Kimiko.

As for besto gurl, have to be her

nyaa~~~~~ Tsubamegaeshi.

Pretty much wrapped up my 2-in-1 review. Both shows have their flaws, but both made fatal flaws. Pretty much. so they even.


Story: 8/10 (S1), 6/10 (S2), 8.5/10 (OVA1), 8/10 (OVA2), 8.5/10 (OVA3)

Art: 8/10

Music: 8/10 (S1, OVA1), 8.5/10 (S2, OVA2, OVA3)

VAs: 8/10 (S1, OVA1, OVA2), 9.5/10 (S2, OVA3)


Story: 8/10 (S1), 6.5/10 (S2), 7/10 (All OVAs)

Art: 8.5/10

Music: 7/10 (S1), 7/10(S2)

VAs: 8/10 (for all)

This review was made with 4-5hours of time. So hard.

my next review will be another 2-in-1. Dunno whether can make it by tonight. Will try to post it asap.

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