The VA for my life: 喜多村 英梨 Kitamura Eri


Seriously in love with her…

Name: Kitamura Eri 喜多村 英梨
Age: 27
Birthday: 16 August 1987
Occupation: Singer, Voice actress

How you get to know her?
Through Seto no Hanayome, where she voices Shiranui Akeno. Her voice can go from serious to cute in a very dramatic scale. When i listened to her character song, MY GOD, THIS IS HEAVEN.

You guys have to listen to her songs, BEWARE: HARD-CORE ROCK AND METAL AHEAD

She has a very cute personality, like when she voiced Yachiyo from Working, Kanade from Mayo Chiki… Damn she need more cute characters

On the event from Working, she was legitly cute, i dont have the file with me now but i will gif it for you guys during the weekends. Omg the laughs, KAWAIIIIIII


Please love her moar because she’s a bit underexposed, her talent is there.

For all her roles she voiced and discography, click here

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2 responses to “The VA for my life: 喜多村 英梨 Kitamura Eri

  1. I can’t remember what anime I first heard her in, but since then she’s come to be one of my favorites. Always great songs from her too.

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