Another good tune: Livetune-made Hatsune Miku songs

Before i found Livetune, i was only listening to Supercell, somewhat said that he has the best Miku songs, i was wrong.

What/Who is Livetune?
Actually they are a duo formed in 2007, Kz and Kajuki P, both can write lyrics and music. But Kajuki P left in March 2009, making Kz the only member left. But Kz continued to make songs and still topping Oricon charts.

How you get to know about Livetune?
Hmm… I dont really remember, i think it was during my hunt for indie Miku songs and i found him.

Why you like his music over Supercell?
Autotune and also electro music. Thats it.

Show me what Livetune has in his arsenal
I was like “WOAH, no way…” when i listened to his song. The melody is just… Damn.

Livetune wrote songs for T.M.R, ClariS, Kotoko, Kurosaki Maon etc, all of them were all addictive.

For the songs he wrote for other artists…

Thats it, hope you guys find this post meaningful and enjoyed~

Posted from Xperia Z1 紫にゃ~~

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