What I miss the most right now: ClariS with Alice


2 junior high girls in Hokkaido in 2009, decided to form a duo and do covers and upload to Nico Nico. And they are ClariS.

I found them in 2010, while watching Oreimo, “Irony” was the first song I listened from them. I liked them also because of Kz from livetune, he made songs for ClariS and all of them were addictive.

Then in 2011, they made a new single, “Connect”, OP from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Nice sounding tune with excellent vocals. Followed by “nexus”, one of my fav songs from Oreimo, and that led me to play the Oreimo PSP VN.

2012 was an excellent year for them, “Naisho no Hanashi”, the ED for Nisemono, reached 2nd in Oricon. “Wake up”, OP of Moyashimon returns, wasnt that good, maybe I was a bit biased to Kz and that led me to not really like the song. “Luminous”, theme song for the first 2 Madoka films, came and reached 4th. I can feel the emotions of the song.

2013 came in a flash, “Reunion”, Oreimo S2 OP, made me wanna worship them, reached 2nd place in Oricon again, Kz took the music from “Irony” as reference and improved it dramatically. “Colorful”, theme for Madoka: Rebellion, came and that ended my 2013 on a good note.

2014 was a rollercoaster. “Click” and “Step”, OP1 and 2 for Nisekoi, came together and that also led me to fall in love with the anime. Then in June, Alice said she will leave the group to focus on her studies, and her last album will be “Party Time”. I legitly cant bear to see her go, when i received the news, I was like what will happen to ClariS.

Suddenly, “Clear Sky” came out of nowhere with a new member, named Karen. Feels different and i was trying to get used to it. “Border” came and that led me to love ClariS again.

In fact I wanna thank Karen for joining ClariS, she managed to save the duo. As for Alice, wish her good luck in her studies. Damn i wanna see their faces so bad.

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