One of my worst Yuri nightmare: Strawberry Panic

Not all yuri animes are perfect…


Like this one. Strawberry Panic

Why? I heard that this is pretty damn good…
Yes, you are half-correct, the storyline is awesome, but the character design tho. Most of them, not all of them, most of them have, the same face. For the first time in my anime life, im actually confused about who each one are. I dropped it at like ep 4.

Who made this then?
Its originally from a light novel, made by Kimino Sakurako, illustrated by Maki Chitose. Anime produced by Madhouse, the guys who made Hanayamata, Mahouka.

What are the good points about the show?
Storyline is good, kiss here kiss there. The start was a bit slow, there is some progression, you need patience for this series. The later eps will get quite a lot of fan service, but i kinda dont mind it already. The VAs are awesome, to list some Nakahara Mai, Nabatame Hitomi, Saito Chiwa.

Any ways to get you to undrop this?
I would say no, because:
1. Too much in my currently watching already
2. Madhouse has gave me a very bad impression with Mahouka.
3. There will be a better yuri series to take over this.

Story: 8/10
Music: 7.5/10
VAs: 8/10
Art: 5/10

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