Yeah i do read mangas, every now and then. Here are some i read.




By Seo Kouji, first manga and most favourite of all time tbh.

The sports and romance mixed really well, its gonna be a feels roller coaster, but the journey was worth it. 188 chapters and a nice topping for the ending. Not gonna spoil, you read it yourself. The anime was decent, can make you skip chapters, but overall, quite loyal to the manga so you can give it a try. Suzuka kawaii tsundere desu. Beware, Kouji Seo has a track record of using Tsun Tsun as main characters. When Suzuka ended, i can handle it, like literally, when a new Suzuka chapter comes out, it brightens my day, now… Have to reread, 5 times already.


Half and Half (one-shot ver)

By Seo Kouji again, his first manga. Imagine this, you and another girl/guy both get rammed by a truck together, and God give you 2 7 days to decide who to live and who to die. The journey overall was lovely, romantic. Ending was a tearjerker for me, i nearly went into depression. Sorry im weak.


Negi Magi


By Akamatsu Ken, my longest manga to date. So many shoujos, so many possibilities. The romance here is like To-Love ru, but not much of a cocktease, its more…anti-climatic at the end. The ending had me crying again… IM SORRY IM WEAK AS FUCK. Love the genre, love the ecchi magic, love the pantsu battle scenes. Anime by Xebec was shit, Shaft only did a awesome job at Ala Alba and Mou Hitotsu no Sekai OVAs, the 2nd season and anime final movie was shit, the ending for the movie had me facepalm. The Shaft ver of the anime has one fatal flaw, NEGI ONLY CHANT ONE INCANATION FOR A LOT OF SPELLS, WTF SHAFT WTF. Manga is epic, worth a completion.


Love Plus: Rinko Days

By Seo Kouji, in partnership with Konami, the developer who made Loveplus. Loveplus is a game for guys who are socially awkward with girls or guys who dying to have a girlfriend. 3 girls for you to choose from, Kobayakawa Rinko, a first year librarian tsundere, Takane Manaka, a 2nd year tennis club ace who is socially awkward, and Anegasaki Nene, 3rd year caring girl who works at a family restaurant. I played the game myself, tbh wih you guys, I love Manaka so much. First, the VA, Hayami Saori, HOW TO RESIST?! Second, her shy personality and last, her cuteness and my fetish on ponytails. Ok im going to sound pretty pathetic now, imma stop now. Oh yeah, there is even a Manaka Days and Nene Days as well, also a prequel of Rinko, before high school.


Kimi no Iru Machi


By Seo Kouji, somewhat a sequel to Suzuka. Ending was very rushed and forced, but the journey had me wanting for more. No sports this time, just romance and a bit of feels. Ok a lot of overdramatic feels. Plot goes cliché in later chapters but still quite decent.


What I am chasing right now



By Seo Kouji, following the Suzuka and Kimi no iru Machi sequel combo. Its about Suzuka’s and Yamato’s daugther, Fuuka. Oh fuck spoilers. A heavy plot twist just happened recently in this manga that cause quite an uproar, some people dropped this, some still stay loyal. For me? Imma stick to it since there is a new girl and gotta admit, cutest and hottest girl Seo-sensei every made. Now its music and romance this time. Wont give scores for things that are still ongoing.

Half and Half
By Seo Kouji, same setting but different character design and storyline. Its gonna end soon, pretty soon. But to compare this to the one-shot, this is more inferior tbh. Beware: one chapter costs months.

UQ Holder
By Akamatsu Ken, sequel to Negi Magi. Happens 70 years after Negi Magi. Currently on hold for this, because im waiting for Negi and Nagi to come back tbh.

Princess Lucia
By Seo Kouji, ecchi, very ecchi. Bi-monthly. This will be a To-Love ru similiar, a cocktease. Serious.

Thats it, recommend me somemore mangas if you guys have ideas

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