Favourite song of the week: Suzuki Konomi-Absolute Soul ~blade~


Since im free so might as well i make one

Yeah, its from Absolute Duo but its another ver for it, no, its not a remix, its from the single itself and i prefer this over the original

Why? Why you chose this over the original?

The music, its definitely better than the original, Konomi also managed to do some vocal work to match the low tone of the song. Gotta love it…
Remember this?

Yeah, kinda weird i know, but she managed to pull it off. The one with Akiba?

Yeah this one is better

Why her this week?

Konomi is kawaii desu, yeah she’s kinda cute, put that Absolute Soul single pic aside and look for the others, she’s quite cute. And also trying to keep with the times, i legit have 1998 Jap songs in my playlist right now.

Music: 8/10
Vocals: 8.5/10

Yeah kinda short but still hope this post really means something

Posted by Xperia Z1 Charlotte Dunois Custom

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