Dere, S and M


Tsundere, Kuudere, Yandere. The 3 main deres.
Sadist and Masochist, what the Japanese called S and M. Which am I then?

All the deres are pretty complex in their own ways. Like Tsun Tsun, can be very rude and rough but in the inside, she/he wants someone to love her/him so that she/he can love him/her back, pretty cute tbh. Im not that, im actually pretty weak psychologically, so i always lose on debates and psychological wars. As for Kuu Kuu, quite silent, quite emo. Im that in public, seriously, im not really that open, im pretty shy. I dont much to people, im the type of person that waits for people to take the initiative, but i also pretty hate crowded places tbh, dunno why. As for Yan Yan, mentally destructive, pretty sadist, can pull off a murder, mentally. Im a bit like that if its someone i hate.


I have a phobia for her now, Kuroneko best gurl.

S or M?
Definitely a S, i laugh at people while they suffer, i try to control tho, but its in my blood, cant help it. Definitely not a M, i hate suffering, thats it.

Hope this make you guys know me better.

Have to end off with this


Crazy little bastard…

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