Cyntia-Akatsuki no Hana (Akatsuki no Yona OP2) [FIXED]


Who is Cyntia?
As you can see, they are a 5 member all female band. Formed in 2011, first single in 2012. Managed to maintain into Oricon Top 50. 1 single went to 13th place and an album in 9th, this pretty much prove their talent.

1.Sang for Itazura na Kiss 2 live action drama OP
2.Sang for Akatsuki no Yona OP2

So what about them?
They sang for Akatsuki no Yona. New song from them in fact. Pretty addicting. Many people from my side said that the song dont really match the anime. But for me, as long as the song is nice, im fine with it. This song kinda reminds me of Philosophy of Dear World by ZAQ OP for Maria the Virgin Witch. The vocals are nice and addicting

Comparison with some other female bands?
A bit similiar to SCANDAL, not completely, but SCANDAL is still better. As for Babymetal, no. Babymetal too hardcore compared to this. But Cyntia is not bad already.

Anything else?
Damn, the album is nice tbh, definitely worth a listen.

Music: 8/10
Vocals: 8.5/10

Sorry cant find a proper YT for you guys, you guys are alone for this one.

Update: fixed the picture now, still cant find a decent YT for this

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