As a Neko: Nyanderful- Sakakibara Yui/Updates on my episodes

The OP for Nyan Koi

Why another OP? Is it another favourite or smth??
Nah, its just “As a neko” kind of thing. My fav is still Rhodante* if you dunno its the bunch of cute girls who sang the OP for Kiniro Mosiac. Its like an honorable mention or maybe because i like the neko-themed… Have to post this, since im half a neko anyway.

What about it?
Watch this first

The PV is kinda cute, not bad. She wrote the song by herself, 5mins long damn gurl. Her vocals are pretty cute tbh, matching the anime and the music. Cannot resist. Oh yeah she’s also a very indie VA btw, she dont do much roles but her voice as Kumaneko is cute as fuck


Yeah this cat, omg, my heart went totally fuzzy and warm.

For those who hasnt watched Nyan Koi, GO WATCH ALREADY, its legitly funny. Might do a review this weekend.

Updates on the ones im watching right now
Im currently rushing like Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Bride, Date A Live II, Kiniro Mosiac and Neptunia right now. This week suddenly went fucking busy for me, and my Neptunia disappeared from my phone, so imma just watch Kiniro instead

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