Yuri: Sakura Trick

one of my fav Yuri series tbh… many people around me hated it, dunno why


Takayama Haruka (CV: Tomatsu Haruka the coincidence tho), with her shinyuu Sonoda Yuu (CV: Iguchi Yuka),  are going to high school together, but it didnt start up really well for them or should i say its just Haruka. First, seating far from each other, then more girl friends, causing them to be somewhat more apart than they were in middle school. So Haruka wanted a special place in Yuu’s heart, they decided to kiss each other in secret.

What I Feel About The Show

When i watched the first ep, it was kinda slow for me until this came…first-kiss-under-the-sakura

the mood went from meh, to WOAH GURL. The amount of kisses in this animu is like A LOT, EVERY EP THERE WILL AT LEAST BE 1 KISSU… is it bad for me to enjoy this kind of things?

Sometimes its Haruka, sometimes its Yuu… Everytime they kiss, i feel warm and fuzzy in my kokoro… Ok back to topic.

Studio Deen made this anime of the century, nothing to complain about the art, cuteness is there, colors are decent. OP sang by the VAs of the show, damn its addicting…


ED also by the VAs, not as good as the OP but still decent.

As for the VAs, nice voice acting. Especially dem kisses. Out of all the VAs, gotta love Fuchigami Mai sorry Yuka, liked her voice as Kaede, even tho Yuzu’s voice is also not bad.

BGM… nothing to talk much about, pretty enjoyable

Besto Gurl, Mitsuki, because megane. Long hair and such… and also a Seito Kaichou…

Storyline? Keep them kisses coming. Laughs here and there, any type of situations to kiss is also shown, good guide tbh. I constantly complain about 12 eps being too short, same here, but they wrapped it up nicely ready for a S2, so its fine. This need a S2 pretty badly.

So… what about now?

Just finished downloading the BD in 1080p, watching it right now. Not much difference except for quality, and FLAC audio really nice…

Besto Kissu?

The one where they clean the store by the swimming pool. The atmosphere is great…

Besto Scene

Hands down… nuff said


Story: 8/10

VAs: 8.5/10

Art: 9/10

Music: 7/10

Second Season worthy?

Fuck yes

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