My room

sorry for the potato quality of the photos… My tablet isnt meant for photo taking and my phone is busy atm





nothing much to show off about tbh…
sorry for my messing table and that my Figmas/Nendoroids are wrecked…

Laptop specs?

its 3 years old now…
Intel i5-2450M
14″ 1366×768 screen by AUO
AMD Radeon 7470M

and yes im watching Date A Live II

How you play your animes on your laptop?

After i finally realized that VLC makes my videos choppy and tearing bad, had to research for a better player… Many people said CCCP but it was hard to customize the options. Then i got KCP, wow, even i max out the settings, it still runs like a charm.

How you store your animes?

I have 2x 2TB HDDs at my disposal so no worries at the moment…

Posted by Galaxy Note 10.1 w/ Taketatsu Ayana and Hanazawa Kana

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